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Unconditional Love

It all takes time 

It's been a while since my last post.  It is now the third month in 2014.  For the month of February, I created a Black History Funk Tribute and I learned a couple of things from working on this project.  People love old school funk and it is a natural for me.  I enjoyed dressing in the costumes, rehearsing and performing the songs. Because of the show, I am being asked for repeat performances and promoters are very interested in the product.  The most important thing I have learned is you cannot forget about yourself.  It is taking me time to build my music and establish the continuity in producing the shows and my sound.  It takes time to establish a great team and one thing I know is that you cannot do this by yourself. I am forever grateful for those who continue to support me and tell others about my work.  Thank you for your likes on facebook and joining my e-team.  

Unconditional Love 


2013 continues to be a great year for my project "Never Stop Loving".  I want to thank all my supporters for hanging in there with me while I fine tune my craft.  Thats UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
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